weekend reminders

Weekend fun is always a great reminder of many things, like:

  • Sunshine filled runs are the fastest way to feel better about anything
  • The growing restaurant scene in Indy, it's happening (much excite!!!)
  • Sharing cupcakes should be a weekly thing
  • I wanna shopslasheat local foods more frequently
  • I can still go out for drinks! I have finally disproved my theory that I'm a 86 yo Asian grandma
  • My friends are ridiculously talented and fun
  • Grilled swiss and avocado cheese sandwich is bae, especially when it's national grilled cheese day

Don't think I'll really have any quite as fun events for the next month or so, so I guess you can say this was a great way to kick off the final stretch before school ends and the boards in May. Kinda depressing, this next week already feels heavy compared to this past weekend. Ooo except I'll be done with OSCE things on Tuesday. And I'm getting dinner with dad on Wednesday. And potentially a visit from my high school bestie Nicole on Saturday where we will eat nommy bagel sandwiches! Scratch that. The week is already shaping up to be a good one, I can feel it.

Have a positive week friends! - Erica