the dancing donut

Last week, I traveled to a magical place where they serve donuts as big as my face, top them with the craziest things like coco puffs and mini m&ms, and give kids chocolate milk in the little bears of honey. The Dancing Donut in SoBro was such a happy and girly place, complete with a wall of chandeliers and renditions of famous artwork with donuts sneaked into the frame. And I didn't go alone either! I went with Lauren, a dear friend who has already been featured on this blog, back before the nice camera and when I still did medfeatures - man, I should really bring that back. Lauren and I had fun munching on donuts, drinking coffee, and talking about life things like what we want to do when we grow up - the quintessential third year question - and traveling aspirations. She got the coco puffs donut and the granola one for herself, and I got a sugared yeast donut filled with nutella frosting. We left as one should always leave donut shops, fully caffeinated and on a sugar rush. The donuts were as sweet as their shop. I got a box to bring back to the study session with James and Andrew that would be happening later that day, and filled it with a few "regular" ones (glazed cake and cinnamon sugar cake) along with some crazier ones (granola with greek yogurt glaze, maple bacon long john, mini m&ms, and the chocolate yeast filled with chocolate ganache. Did I really need 6 donuts for 3 people? Probably not. But on the weekends, there are no rules.

P.S. Indianapolis has tons of local donut shops - General American Donut Co, Rocket 88 Doughnuts, Long's Bakery, and this place. Each of them has so many options, you can't just go once. If you ever want to join me on a local eats adventure, just let me know and we can go discover a new nommable item together!

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