the cake bake shop

I got to spend my evening eating cake with the best people in the whole world. We laughed and smiled and relished in the summer evening sunshine. We oohed and ahhed at the beautiful shop, and took a mini photo shoot outside on the balcony. And we ate cake, oh boy, did we eat cake. There was red velvet, caramel, millionaire's cake, and raspberry champagne and they don't just give you baby slices. Each with a generous amount of frosting and best shared with the people you love the most. And now we all have sugary bellies and are all dehydrated but don't worry, I'm sipping on my Camelbak as I write this post so that I won't have a headache in the morning. I'll keep this one short and sweet and let the photos do the talking. Basically, I love these goobers. Candice is off to tackle her second year at Notre Dame. Eugene will be taking off in a month down to Savannah for art school. Moni is staying nearby (er, one floor below) and has already started learning how to do doctor things. I couldn't be a prouder sister *end cheesiness*

Thank you, The Cake Bake Shop, for one of the highlights of my summer. Check out their website for more info, and stop by their shop soon while it's still beautiful out!