San Francisco, day three

8:00 am: morning run on the Embarcadero. The active lifestyle of the SF locals is infectious. After a full day of straight sugar, it was nice to move around. 10:00 am: Andrew takes a train to the city, and we head out to the Ferry building for some coffee, sightseeing, and buying all the right foods for a picnic - proscuitto, fresh sourdough rye, grainy mustard, a block of humboldt fog, some strawberries and carrots and a leeeetle bar of chocolate.

12:30 pm: originally we were supposed to drive over to Muir Woods, but with the insane traffic we edited our trip and went south to San Bruno Mountain Park. We swapped redwoods for mountains, shade for sunshine. And it was totally worth it.

3:45 pm: wandering around Potrero Hill, taking pictures of houses and making silly faces. The hills are no joke, my friends.

7:00 pm: get all fancy and dressed up, and drive up to Yountville for the most amazing meal of my life. This might sound ridiculously cheesy, but French Laundry wasn't just a meal, it was an experience. I didn't take my camera unfortunately (for fear of looking tourist-y), but I did snap a few shots of the menu and the extra goodies they gave us at the end of the meal. So grateful for my cousin and the reservation, my stomach is still happy from the meal.

The trip is going by much too quickly. But I'm trying to get the most out of this short little adventure. Lots of happiness right now. Till tomorrow everyone!