pizza date (and what's been growing outside!)

It's no secret Andrew and I like to spend time with each other. And it's definitely no secret that we both like to eat. We certainly have our different strengths in the kitchen. He can't bake worth a lick and I lack many skills in the dinner category - when I'm just improvising all my food typically tends to taste... salty. But even though we have different styles of cooking, we like to do it together. Third year I'm realizing that time is becoming more and more precious. It's one thing to study around other people and another thing to actually spend time enjoying each other's company. Stress and anxiety always seem to be lurking around the corner but I've told myself that one night in the week, I'm going to completely ignore them and have some fun. Pizza is fun, so we rolled up our sleeves and channeled our inner Sandra Lee's with these semi-homemade pizzas, complete with taking goofy pictures and eating until properly food coma-ed.

Here's to weekly date nights and quality time.

(Pizza this time - there is definitely going to be a next time - included apple chicken sausage, mini sweet peppers, mozzarella, fresh basil from the garden, and topped with the most deliciously lemony arugula salad that Andrew whipped up. Add some red pepper and bam, magic).

Psst! Also I wanted to point out, my roomie is quite the gardener! Cassie's been transforming our balcony into a beautiful garden, as you can see in the first few pictures. So far she's successfully grown some radishes and nubby carrots, sprouted some arugula, and I spy some pretty tomatoes starting to peek out from the vines. Oh and we happen to have an abundance of basil at the moment, which she kindly gave to Andrew and me for our pizzas! Mad props to my pretty roomie.