city market + vegan breakfasts

Last Saturday I rolled out of bed, made a coffee with sleepy eyes, and walked over to work for the morning. Foolishly I skipped breakfast, or at least a small morning snack, so about an hour in and I was ravenous. Like stomach was full on growling and I was full on embarrassed. Also is it just me, but does anyone get like hyperacute senses when they become hungry? Suddenly I could smell literally everything in the hospital hallways and I was darting my eyes frantically looking at all the flashes and people passing by. It felt like I reverted back to primal instincts; my body just wanted food. But not just any food. Somedays you get a craving for something in particular. That day every fiber of my being (okay, I'm exaggerating) wanted to go back to City Market and eat breakfast at Three Carrots, a fun vibrant food stand in the market that sells what is probably the best vegan food in town. Their creativity is admirable, and the food is just plain awesome. You know what you're eating there is fresh, which seriously elevates your body into a happier state. Not too mention that the prices are so affordable, they make sure you get a side with the main item and it seriously fills you up. I cannot speak more highly of this place. And while I'm not vegan, I'll have to say that if vegan food tasted like this all the time, I could be easily converted.

And in general, a trip to the City Market in downtown Indianapolis is a fantastic place to check out. Each food stand has its own personality. You can get the widest variety of food all in one place - from gyros to gelato to crepes to tamales to pretzels and the list could go on forever. Not to mention there's a bar upstairs overlooking the market for those evenings where you want to just sit down and drink a couple beers with your friends. It's also got a little bit of a special place in my heart because (cheesy moment ahead) it's one of the first places Andrew and I went for a date. We did as we almost always do, order coffees, walk around, and then order excessive amounts of food and happily eat all of it - and I always love those days.

Another Wednesday, another little slice of life here in Indianapolis - do you guys like these posts? Wondering if I should keep them coming, it's a lot of fun showing you guys how awesome this place is. Till next time.

City Market website for when you want to check out the place!

Three Carrots Indy menu: Andrew got the vegan biscuits and gravy, and I got the 3C breakfast sandwich. Both involved vegan rosemary biscuits which were pretty much incredible and came with a side salad, which seems a little weird for breakfast but trust me, these guys know what they're doing.