about the blog

Nommable started due to a severe lack of hobbies and a desire to do something a little different. Because when you're in something as serious as medicine, it's easy to fall into the monotonous rhythm of sleep, eat, work, repeat. This site actually started after some intense encouragement from my main man. In fact, he's the one who came up with the name. What initially started as a baking and desserts blog with some bits of life sprinkled in is now a little bit more of a life journal just to keep track of the memories made during medical school and who knows what after. Along with some recipes, there are almost always words on family, friendship, and my home of Indianapolis, since I'm a proud, sentimental Hoosier like that. In a way, this blog serves as a huge reminder for the good things in my life - all the people who make me smile and all the places that make me dream big. It leaves me feeling grateful for the choices I've made and reflective on the more difficult times.

about me

I'm Erica. I'm currently in Chicago for residency, but before that my med school home was in Indianapolis, my college home was in Bloomington and my home before that was in Zionsville, a small suburb outside of Indy. Some of my favorite things besides baking include dancing in my room, 70s music, California, running (preferably to food, like donut shops), and som tum. Probably a lot of other foods too - my mom's kimbap and hot dogs come to mind. I don't really like running late, eating olives (but I'll eat them), wearing nail polish, shopping for clothes, and messy rooms. I can't drink all too heavily without getting flushed and my driving skills occasionally make people nervous, but I think my parallel parking skills are above average. I'm currently working on my cooking skills and accepting a compliment gracefully - it's harder than it looks!

Welcome to this little space! Thanks for stopping by.


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